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A Software-as-a-Service platform for energy companies and their customers

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What we offer


The R2 Energy tariff and billing module allows energy providers to effortlessly create, manage, and implement flexible tariff plans while delivering accurate bills to customers.


R2 Energy’s reporting module empowers energy companies with accurate, actionable, and customizable reports for data-driven decision-making and compliance requirements.

Enterprise tools

The R2 Energy platform gives you access to robust enterprise features including user roles for optimized team management, federated login for enhanced security, and comprehensive audit trails.

Meter agnostic

R2 Energy can read from any DLMS/COSEM meters or integrate with existing systems. This, together with R2 Energy’s optional managed APN, allows for the rapid deployment of metering solutions.

White labeled

Your brand is important to us. With R2 Energy, companies can easily white-label the platform, presenting it as their own.

Our platform